Welcome to Thrive Sleep & Breathing!

Now that you have learned more about the services provided by Thrive Sleep and Breathing and made the decision to visit us, let us walk you through what to expect at your first appointment.

Welcome and background:
  • Once you arrive, we will ask you to fill out some paperwork to get a better understanding of your medical history, current challenges, and we will collect information about your insurance provider(s). 
Getting the full “picture”:
  • After collecting the initial data, our friendly clinical staff will capture images of your head, mouth, and airway utilizing a cone beam CAT scan machine – this machine records highly detailed 3D scans of your head and neck.

  • We will take a standard series of photos of you in a standing position- to help understand your natural standing posture. Followed by intra oral photos using cheek retractors to assure extremely accurate depiction of your teeth, bite pattern, tongue, and palette.

  • Finally, our clinical staff will record a “digital” impression – not to worry NO goopy impression material in sight- this digital impression is performed with a wand that takes measurements and compiles the data into a software program producing an impression of your mouth, teeth, and bite. As part of this process, the clinician will finish with a full 3D scan of the face using the latest image technology, it’s as easy as facing the camera and turning side to side.

Short clinical evaluation:
  • In addition to photos and scans, the clinical team will perform a gentle head and neck exam, thyroid check, assess your oral structures, and conduct an oral cancer screening.

  • After the exam, you will have the opportunity to discuss your current challenges with sleep, breathing, snoring, TMJ, or other issues impacting your quality of life. The clinician will make preliminary notes to revisit after the images and scans come back from the lab.

Information processing time:
  • The impressions and scans typically take 14 days to process and work up with the Thrive Sleep and Breathing team.

  • After we receive the complete information, our office will call you to schedule your second appointment to present the images and discuss your personal diagnosis, individualized treatment plan options, treatment timelines, and the financial investment- including detailed insurance coverage expectations.

Getting started with the rest of your life:
  • When you and your doctor have settled on a course of treatment, the Thrive team will confirm the plan and arrange the finances to cover insurance copay and deductible (if any).

  • The team will upload your data to the lab portal for fabrication of your personalized appliance, device, or other instrument in concert with your treatment plan and timeline.

  • Upon receipt of the lab-fabricated appliance, the Thrive team will reach out to you in order to schedule a short case delivery visit to review your device and ensure proper fit. You will also get additional information on how to care for your appliance with instructions on adjustments you may need to make depending on your treatment plan and corresponding timings.