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About THRIVE Sleep & Breathing

THRIVE Sleep and Breathing we treat sleep apnea, obstructive sleep disorders and TMJ dysfunction. More accurately we treat the oral contribution to these conditions along with the oral contributions to many other whole-body conditions and seemingly disconnected maladies. Simply put, by treating an oral condition or dental imbalance you may find your neck, back, hip or ankle pain resolves. Your breathing, digestive, neurological, cardiac issues can also have connections to your mouth and teeth and respond as we treat the underlying oral dental imbalance or problem.

It shouldn’t be surprising that your mouth has an effect on breathing and digestion. When we explore farther we discover an almost endless list of authoritative research articles proving oral connections to skeletal alignment, strength, athletic performance and systemic wellbeing.

Patients come to THRIVE with hope for solving a wide variety of problems and often find far more improvements than they ever imagined possible. No matter your chief complaint that’s bringing you into our practice we’ll ask about your overall well-being and wishes for personal improvements.

Before patients arrive medical and dental insurance coverage is often a patient’s top concern. While your health needs and your insurance company’s business priorities don’t always align there is medical, dental and Medicare insurance coverage for many things we do at THRIVE. Rest assured we will research and maximize your coverage.

Dr. Nolf with a patient looking at a 3D model of the teeth and gums

THRIVE is an in-network provider for medical insurance companies Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Cigna, United Healthcare (UHC), and United Medical Resources(UMR). As a contracted provider we have the ability to offer in-network benefits. Thrive is also part of a national Medical Specialty group called Dedicated Sleep with a board certified medical sleep specialist on our staff to help coordinate care as well employs a full time insurance team to seamlessly submit and maximize your medical benefits reducing your out-of-pocket costs to the absolute minimum.

At Thrive we are a member of your health and wellness team. The mouth is an integral part of your body, contributing greatly to overall systemic health and as such must be treated with a team approach that includes all your doctors working together.

We make people better by treating the oral contribution to sleep disorders, breathing conditions and systemic medical disease.

Call us today at 570-420-1500 to see how you, your children, your spouse and loved ones can benefit as a THRIVE Sleep and Breathing patient. You can also text us at 570-420-1500 right now to start the process.