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The application of proper breathing does not only benefit individuals who have been diagnosed with sleep and breathing disorders. Optimizing the way the breath is processed in the body can be a significant aspect to consider in terms of athletic capabilities.

Often, we assume that if unconscious breathing seems to be doing the trick when we exercise, we’ve got nothing to be concerned about. However, paying close attention to the breath and undergoing treatments to encourage proper breathing techniques can not only improve an individual’s restfulness during sleep but their endurance and performance levels as well.

According to James Nestor, author of Breath, human beings have largely lost the ability to breathe correctly, and in doing so, we have made both daily activity and high-level performance harder on ourselves.

Thrive Patient Josh G Talks About His Experience with Airway Treatment

Josh G, a patient at Thrive Sleep & Breathing, talks about his history with sleep-disordered breathing, his reluctance to use a CPAP device, and the approach Dr. Nolf took to correct the root cause of his breathing condition.

Oxygen is the Key to Performance

An adequate supply of oxygen is necessary for any type of activity, from moving about in life to engaging in athletic competitions. When the breath is inefficient, the body is not powered with enough oxygen to move as effectively as possible.

At Thrive Sleep & Breathing, Dr. Nolf strives to ensure that athletes achieve peak performance by utilizing proper breathing techniques. When patients undergo airway evaluations, Thrive can pinpoint even the smallest issue an athlete may be experiencing as a result of ineffective breathing, and from there, the best possible treatment can be initiated.

Whether an issue has occurred due to the shape of the mouth or as something affecting the airway itself, Thrive Sleep & Breathing employs the use of state-of-the-art technology to correct airway conditions and optimize breathing patterns.

It’s in any athlete’s best interest to be as familiar with their bodily processes as possible, and both knowing and controlling the breath is one of the simplest, most effective ways to achieve the edge needed to perform to one’s greatest potential.

Our office treats every athlete as an individual and carefully evaluates their airway and breathing patterns so that the most appropriate treatment can be initiated. Because every individual is unique, so too are our treatment plans. Thrive Sleep & Breathing optimizes breathing with the use of the most current airway treatments available, including airway optimization procedures, VIVOS System technology, myofunctional therapy, and much more.

If you’d like to achieve the highest possible performance as an athlete, reach out to Thrive Sleep & Breathing. Our office specializes in improving the breath for patients in and around the Stroudsburg, PA area. Schedule a consultation today and our professional team will dedicate ourselves to optimizing your health.